Fees & Charges

Pitch Fees from 1st April 2020
Single Plot £116.15 per cal month
Twin Plot £135.11 per cal month
Single Plot with Garage £133.67 per cal month
Twin Plot with Garage £152.64 per cal month
Remote Control Transmitter for access to park £2.00 per cal month
Utility Charges Excluding VAT:
Water – meters read & consumption billed twice a year  As per supplier  + 80p per month admin charge
Electricity: fixed price contract to November 2021  13.2 pence per unit(KWHr)
LPG: currently 36 pence per litre

                                                                                           OTHER COSTS

Council Tax:
Paid directly to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council. Band A –



Residents go direct to Insurers. For guidance, an average home with average contents can be comprehensively insured for a sum in the region of £250 per annum.

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