About Us

Most residents who move to Redhouse Park are here to stay for the long term in a community where they look out for their neighbours and their neighbours look out for them.

The development provides underground services to include electricity, propane gas and water to each plot, and occupies some 4 acres in total.  Fast Wi-Fi Broadband available with land line if required.

Park security includes a barrier at the entrance, which is operated remotely by individual key fobs, and closed circuit TV, which monitors vehicles entering and leaving the park.

There is provision for the parking of up to 60 cars, and additional parking for visitors. For those without transport there is a bus service to Doncaster with the stop immediately outside the entrance.

A further 4 acres of adjacent grassland provides a pleasant backdrop.

The owners are members of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association and enjoy an excellent relationship with the parks own  Residents Association.

The majority of residents are members of the Residents Association and enjoy social events, coach trips, gala events, fun days, classic car events, etc. Also keep fit classes and many leisure activities including crown bowls.

Security, peace of mind and a delightful living environment are just some of the benefits of park home living.

No one need feel lonely within our community, and family members of residents can rest assured that their loved ones are living amongst a community similar to that found in a semi-sheltered environment.

Moving to Redhouse Park can be a life-changing experience and could prove to be the best decision you ever make.